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ChimahLaw, LLC

Experience. Respect. Result.

At ChimahLaw, we understand that legal issues can be some of life’s most challenging and stressful experiences. Whether you are dealing with a complex family matter, facing criminal charges, or navigating business law intricacies, our mission is to provide comprehensive, compassionate, and expert legal guidance. Our seasoned attorneys are committed to the highest standard of legal representation, tailored to meet your unique needs.

Practice Areas


Family Law

We understand that the breakdown of a marriage and the decision to divorce can be incredibly stressful, affecting everyone involved in different ways. We believe that some preparation, such as prenuptial agreements, can help ease the process. 


Personal Injury

We understand the physical, emotional,&  financial toll that a personal injury can take on you and your loved ones. Our dedicated team of experienced attorneys is committed to providing compassionate, effective legal representation to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.


Criminal Defense

We understand the immense stress and uncertainty that comes with facing criminal charges. Our experienced team of criminal defense attorneys is dedicated to providing vigorous, strategic, and compassionate representation to protect your rights and secure the best possible outcome for your case.


Civil Litigation

We recognize that civil disputes can be complex and emotionally taxing. Our seasoned civil litigation team is dedicated to providing comprehensive and strategic legal representation to protect your rights and achieve favorable outcomes. 


Traffic Matters

We are committed to providing personalized, effective legal services for all your traffic matters. Trust us to be your steadfast advocate in safeguarding your driving rights and navigating the complexities of traffic law.

Meet The Attorney

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Bernadette U. Chimah Esq.

Bernadette U. Chimah Esq. prior work experience includes working in several positions within the federal government, as well as working in a non-profit organization providing support to the federal government. Ms. Chimah possesses legal expertise in small business law, family and domestic relations, personal injury and criminal law.


Chimah is a volunteer with the District of Columbia Court Appointed Special Advocate Program and the Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland. She also participates regularly with the Montgomery County Bar Association's Pro Bono Legal Clinics.  


"Chimah Law defended me vigorously and secured the best possible outcome. Their expertise and dedication surpassed my expectations. Highly recommended!"


Lawyer Office

"True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice"


Martin Luther King Jr.

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ChimahLaw provides thorough case investigations, uncovering crucial evidence to build a strong defense and protect your legal rights.

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At ChimahLaw, we fight tirelessly for your case, ensuring robust legal representation and striving for the best possible outcome.

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